I have little compassion for the likes of Scott Duxbury. They've made their bed. But sometimes I have even less feelings for the news twisters.

The Q&A post on the official site (see my last post) was a reply to an increased demand from fans and media that Dux should come out and speak about the current situation, especially concerning the finances and player trades.
I realise that it's also in the Boards interest to write stuff like that but there is no denying that quite a few fans have been worried that BG was about to sell the best players and use that money to fill his private financial holes.

The faithful readers of Bubbleview know that I find that highly unlikely.
BG is certainly in a hellish financial situation, but I sincerely doubt that a few million will help him much (even if he had the ways to get his hands on them).
What may help him substantially, though, is if he gets a good price for the Club when (not if) he sells it.
He has been stalling this deal for quite some time to allow him to sell to whom he likes at the time he likes (within limits obviously), so to suddenly start to gather crumbs doesn't make sense to me.
As I have repeatedly said, it will not serve his interest to diminish the value of the Club. The most obvious disaster that asses stripping could bring is the risk of relegation, which would have a huge impact on the money he would get for the Club.
With only a few losses from the bottom 3 in the table, anyone depending on us staying up will have to think more than once before selling players without proper replacements.

So out comes Scotty to try to put things right. He should know that anything he says can backfire but he tries his luck. He can't say that no one will be sold since everyone knows that every player has a price during the transfer window. And as I said in the last post, West Ham is no exception and I have no problem with that.
Why on earth should I oppose to an over priced sale of, for example, Bellamy to the Mancunian oilers, the north London Tossers or the B-ham squad with the decent kit.

By all means, take their money and make good use of it. Start to use those Nani connections and get some players in.

We (and the media!) have bitched about the Eggy-players and their high wages but suddenly when someone says they may be sold, there is a media riot, and some fans get extremely upset!
We have complained about some players under achieving, but when we may be off-loading them people panic!
Whats the logic there?

Headlines of late include "For sale: All West Ham players" and "West Ham chief says club would consider all offers" and there were plenty others in the same vein.

Then the same twisting tossers publish other pieces of brilliant journalism, with headers like "Board Gives Zola Veto" and the likes of that. Priceless!

Go ahead, sell for the right price if there are suitable replacements!
I still think our squad will be as strong as the one we have after the transfer windows closes.

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