I'm depressed! Took an expensive cab in a city where I don't live to a stupid sportsbar, to at least be able to see the second half. Well, when I came they showed every match in the whole world but our game. A game where we had 20 scoring opportunities! A game where Carlton Goal scored for his fifth PL-game in a row and levelled our 23 year old record! A game where Di Michele showed what an artist he is. A game where Mark Noble took his last penalty ever (he missed, and he has promised to stop once he missed, so... ;-D) and a game where we - for just a few minutes, but anyway -  could see Savio in his debut. Well, I missed it all!
And sorry to say - you'll for that reason also miss my player's marks.
Arsenal next - away. And with the bubbling confidence the whole team now have, we do really have an opportunity. Again! What a feeling! I'm jealous of you all who witnessed this beautiful win. 
Well, what is a 2-0-win over mediocre Hull?

Instead of my report this time I am happy to recommend Vinny's HERE. They are usually great.

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