Triumph of the scorned/Triumph of trust

The Fulham game was an unusual treat. A game we dominated all over the field, even the enemy box. Fulham never found their way into the game. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to figure out if one team is good or the other bad and I’m not saying this to take much away from our performance but not having Bullard in their lineup couldn’t have helped them much.

I bet we were quite a few that wondered what the attack would be like with Bellamy out of the picture. No I don’t mean who Zola would play, it has been quite obvious for some time that he has been honing Di Michele for bigger things than the bench. Even though I have not said so in the blog I have been critical to that since DDM hasn’t been the sharpest of blades when he has come on late in the games. I would have liked Zola to give young Sears a run-out now and then, just to keep him warm and happy and showing that Zola is building for the future. But following DDM’s performance yesterday it’s a bit hard to be critical.
DDM was the biggest revelation to me yesterday, not only for his goal but for the way he was visible for longer periods than previously, being part of the team. His attitude on the pitch was that of one knowing he had been handed a chance and was determined to take it.
Even though one performance isn’t enough, those of you that have been calling him “DoMelaces” and stuff like that must feel a bit foolish today.

On the same note another target of the critics (me included) had a terrific game. What Zola has done with Cole I don’t know but to watch the composure he shows on the field now is amazing. The goals and Zolas trust must have been a huge and much needed ego-boost for him.
I for one were not expecting CC to ever quite find his legs in the PL. “A player given more chances than reasonable” is what I have thought of him, but I’ll try to remember these last games even when his scoring dries up, as it does for everybody. I just hope that CC does so himself so the confidence will not vanish with the scoring.

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