Fetherington has left East end

Our winger, light like a Feather, Mr Etherington has left West Ham. Our until now longest serving first team player was the one first out when Hammers now try to reduce their squad. 
After 177 games (18 subs) and 18 goals in claret and blue, he will now have three years at Stoke.

I loved to see him take his defender, and make our left hand side, particulary with Konchesky. They two together were our main threat for the lovely season 05-06. And in the year before, 2004, Etherington was voted "Hammer of the year".
But that was then, Ethers seemed after that to drift away during games, having his minds on other things.... 
And the opposition learnt that when they did attack Ethers once with force or a rough tackle he gave up, and was of no more use for us during the rest of the game.
When Zola arrived it looked like Ethers was given a new chance. Zola saw in Ethers a bit of himself maybe, the thin little dribbler, and even gave him a chance with a more free role in the middle of the field. It looked promising. But once again, he was unable to split with the gambling devil. He was even threatened by some gangster's to which he hadn't paid his debts. So he came to his employer, West Ham to borrow more money. Humiliating I guess. And it wasn't the first time, and probably not the last he gambled with his own future. And Nani and Zola saw that there were not much of a future for Ethers here as a footballer either. Maybe he will find a brighter day in Stoke instead. A smaller place with less Casinos....

Stoke will be his third club after Peterborough: Tottenham, Bradford (on loan), West Ham. I think Ethers will be a Coca Cola player next year. Anyway:

Thanks for everything and good luck Matthew....

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