Bellamy unloyal - no way!

I hated the way Lampard left and also the talk surrounding the move of Rio, not to forget Defoe and come to think of it Tricky Trevor Sinclair.
Now Bellamy apparently wants a move and I find it hard to get really upset about this. Craig Bellamy is... Craig Bellamy.

Bellamy has always been true to his cause, to do what he thinks is best for Craig Bellamy. I cannot remember him calling the shirt his second skin or really trying to get us to believe that he was Claret and Blue through and through.
I never considered him being anything but a mercenary, just as most football players in the game today. But I really have no problem with that. The team with the best hired hands will win the league. What I do have problems with are badge kissing recruits saying they love the team and the manager - we know that when the opportunity comes to join a champions league side they will be off.

We shouldn't let a tosser like Bellamy wind us up. Let's use this opportunity to brighten the future of the team. To be able to sell a 30 year old injury prone player for a lot of money is not an opportunity that comes along every day. Wouldn't you love to see 'Arry do to the T-ham economy what he did for Portsmouth?

Maybe give Bellars a putter for a fare well present?