Benchmarking problems

With a table that looks like the present it’s not easy to interpret the results.
We beat Fulham yesterday, most other times it would not necessarily be an indication of a team in overwhelming form. However, for a team that a couple of games ago were widely talked about as being a relegation candidate to beat the team in 8th place is quite a feat isn’t it?

This table situation with 8 teams within 8 points, including West Brom at the bottom make the achievements on the pitch hard to evaluate. When we lost to spuds we lost to a team arguably in a relegation battle but since it’s called spuds it was not regarded as a telltale sign that we were going down.

The next 10 PL games includes Hull, Bolton, Man City, Wigan, WBA, Blackburn, Sunderland and …spuds. What are those? Crap teams going down or a team on the roll that is eying a European spot? Even though more than half of the season is behind us we don’t know do we?
All we know is that playing a team that will be relegated, come May, will not be easy this season.

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