Lee a loanee

I will not forget when Lee Bowyer came back for a second spell to his favourite club. I was not the only one who was sceptical. 
But to show us all wrong he came on in his first game with an amazing amount of energy. And was invovled in all three goals when West Ham won 3-1 to his old team Chalton. But that was the only time he ever looked like a possible player for the national team again. After that he fell more often than he had the ball, gave clumspy challenges more often than gave the rest of his team the positive energy he was famous for.
His first time here was 2003, and most of us remember with what (sad) result. An ankle injury did not help his cause. So we went down and he went... After 80 games with Newcastle he came back and promised that he would do anything to erase our earlier memories. I guess he also had in mind all his earlier luggage as well. As the "racist incident" outside a McDonalds, when he was together with Woodgate a late evening after a Leeds game. AS the fight with his teammate Dyer.
And yes: the bull-terrier Bowyer had became a bit wiser, at least he did not let his adrenaline show, and did not do any stupid things. At least not outside the park. He had matured. But not to that degree that his experience could lift his team or teammates. Or take the responsibility like a captain for the younger player's. He always seemed a bit lonely out there. Did you have any friends? Fought hard, but more for the colours than his teammates. He had become a fringe player and showed glimpses of what had been. 
So even if a West Ham fan we will not miss you so much Lee Bowyer. Maybe feel a bit sad myself, like for a bit sullen film character that tries hard, have dreams, but never make it. Cause something was missing.
So now at 32, you go on loan to Birmingham, and I really wish you good luck. Even if you don't make it their either (and I guess you don't) we will not see you back at West Ham either. Unless we degrade to the Coca Cola. God, let it not happen.

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