To sell or not to sell, thats the question.

I think the tranfer rumours surrounding our Team are very interesting or at least thrilling in a Stephen Kingish kind of a way. We will have to endure more than one strong rumour about a player going off that are rubbished a day later.

The Parker story, for example, could be anything or everything. It could be an unfounded rumour to begin with, it could also be a sign that Zola actually has a word in this or it could be a way to crank up the price some more.
To me it doesn't make much sense and if I was a City fan I would be in shock. Parker is a good midfielder but would you buy him if you were building a Champions league side on a more or less unrestricted budget?

I will try to keep a pretty low profile this window (although I promise nothing). With the type of media coverage we have been getting lately, I would be surprised if not all of our starting XI players will be the target of several more or less unfounded rumours.
Also, several teams with problems and/or some money to spend will test our resolve in keeping our players. Again, the fact that they will table offers, hoping that they are dealing with a Club in desperate need of immediate cash, will not mean the players will be leaving.

A lot of stories will not necessarily be a sign of lots of sales.

Now, having said that, it will not be surprising if we sell a few and buy a few.
However, I don't think myself capable of picking out the credible ones of the rumour-avalanche we will be living in for the next four weeks.
I think I will have to do what most people will have to - hope, enjoy the ride and wait and see.

And I will, until proven wrong, hold on to my opinion that the squad will be no worse after the window closes.

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Hakan said...

A lot of people assume that WH are in such bad financial shape that they will be forced to sell players. This report from Equifax (a credit information provider) puts an interesting perspective on this as it ranks WH as the 8th most financially stable club in the PL.