The Welsh Anelka?

So it is said, Bellamy wants to leave us.... This is for now pure speculation, and may be another desperate-journo-thing but let's face it as it actually was true:
He wants to go and leave for Tottscum! I haven't heard it myself from the horse's mouth, but as Craig Bellamy is the most stubborn man in the football world, and we haven't heard a word that he is commited to us, I could think it is true.
Has Bellamy ever showed any affection for any club?? We all hoped that he would show it for us - and for the "Zola revolution" - but face it he seems to be the Welsh Anelka. At 29 he has not played even a 100 games for any club!
Norwich, Coventry, Newcastle, Celtic, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham... and??

Well, he used our new doctors and physiotherapists to heal his fragile body. And now?
If he wants to go he will go. Rich teams may have unsettled him with their proposals. I thought he wanted to stick with Zola. It seems like I was wrong. If not, he would have stated it by now, wouldn't he? So why Tottscum then? Man C had probably better offers but Tottscum is nearby and as we all now there always seems to be a thick brown envelope when HR is around....

I'll be sad for Zola, and worried if we can't come up with a decent replacement (I can dream that behind those closed doors we actually have Dean Ashton totally fit!, and ready to bang those goals in right away). But it will be hard to stop a player like Bellamy to leave if he's not commited. And for him: money speaks louder than Zola/Clarke it seems...

We may be wrong on this: Our board can still fight, they may even do it to the bitter end (Feb 1st) but with Bellamy less convinced for our cause, and big money coming in...  Do we really want him here if he doesn't want to be? Would he perform?

But those of you who would hate our board for letting him go... I can't agree. Instead let's see how they will react, and if it will unsettle more player's or instead turn it to the opposite.
Bellamy is important for us right now, but the main subject for Zola/Clarke/Nani is to rebuild our team and with a longterm idea, bringing in new and young talent so that we can fight with the best teams in maybe five years or so. Have patience. But If I could choose I would bring Aron Lennon in as a part of the deal. Not Bent.

Well, all this is just speculation for now, so I hate this January window! (It can be interesting to read Neville Nixon here)

But if he leaves: Hopefully we can still be playin attractive football and of course - even more important - stay in the PL. Without Bellamy we may have to settle with that idea. CL may have to wait another five years... I'm pretty used to it.

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