Bye then, Hayden!

So another fringe player has been allowed to leave. Hayden Mullins, 30 in March, has signed a 3,5- year contract with Portsmouth.
 I will not miss him on the field, thought he too often ran in no-man's-land and offered little but passes in the wrong direction. But usually came on late to cool things off, and close the game when we were in front. 
He was a gentleman and a team-player. Served us for more than five years and made 178 games. And four goals. Our longest servent when Ethers left (well, it depends how you count, but let's say so). We could never hear him complain, on the opposite he always behaved well and for the team's best. Played an active role to fight racism.  A bit of a quiet captain, it seemed.
So we all wish him the very best! Thanks Hayden!

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Joppe - said...

Can't agree with you more!
Hailed by Pards as vital and one of the most underrated players in the game. I looked and looked and still couldn't spot what made him so special.
A model professional!