Why I enjoy T-hams table position

I am not one of those that see our northern neighbours as reincarnations of Antichrist. My next door neighbour is T-ham and between the banter we try to say nice things about each others teams.
That doesn't mean I enjoy when their fortune is based on our misfortune.
To see West Ham players regarding a move to White Hart lane as a step up in their career, more or less regardless of the table position, really hurts. Quite a few West Ham fans have been a bit annoyed when T-ham supporters see their club as a Big Club just because they have Big Plans that they fail to fulfil.

Since we played them, and unfortunately lost on the 8 Dec., they have failed to win in the PL, awarding them a place in the relegation zone of the table.
We know by experience how hard it is for a team in a relegation battle to get decent players in the January transfer window. This, I think, is torturing T-ham at the moment. We've seen quite a few rumours of T-ham bids being rejected.
For that kind of a team to pry away priced assets from other teams will be very expensive, as we know all too well. And then there is the issue of the personal terms. If they want top players that really dream of England (or at least International) glory and winning titles, they will have to compensate them for not providing them with a stage were the players will shine against the best.

Working against this hope of mine is their new manager.
'Arry has a way with the transfer market. He seems to be able to persuade decent players that he is the one that can give them a chance to prove themselves. Just take a look at what he brought to Portsmouth.
But after a decent run following Harrys appearance T-ham have only managed to gather 5 out of a possible 21 points since the end of November. This is hardly an impressive turnout especially considering they played Newcastle and West Brom and lost to both. They again settled in the bottom 3, now with Redknapp at the helm.

This should work to our advantage. As I see it there is no better time for them to be in the bottom 3 than during January transfer window.


Prince H said...

I know an even better time for'em to be in the bottom three: The 24th of May!

Joppe - said...

Ha, I knew that was coming, and I beg to differ. I want to play them every year, and I don't want us to go down!

RapidHammer said...

Nevertheless there are fresh rumours concerning a move of Bellamy to T@ttenham; Daily Mail say West Ham have agreed a £12 million package with Sp@rs. They claim Bellamy was in talks with the club. But never mind, it's only the Daily Mail...

Joppe - said...

Never mind... now that is easier said than done. :)

You know I have said I believe the squad will be no worse in February than it is now, since it wouldn't make any sense to anybody but our enemies.
But I am VERY nervous at the moment!

Carter said...

Sp*rs' position reminds me of our own two seasons ago. Remember Curbishley arriving, and us beating Man Utd? Everything looked rosy, then we didn't win a thing for months.
I have an irrational hatred of Sp*rs, and I do hope they go down, if only to watch the reaction of their fans, the worst in the country.

Joppe - said...

Hi Carter and welcome to the site!
It does look a lot like that year at our club doesn't it? That's why I put in some "We know by experience..." parts.

About irrational hatred, keep posted for a piece on "contolling the beast" today or tomorrow!