Savio - worth another post!

Our technical directors widespread contacts in the footballing world (Brescia) seems to be finally paying off.
Jason Burt, the Independent (?) man with the contacts, tells us that a deal is imminent. He also reports the same figures as some previous sources - adding up to £10 million - making this more than a rumour.

Now that is a huge investment for a young and unproven player, and while the comments have been on this being a record breaking deal for West Ham, I would love to know how many 19 year old players in the world of football that has had that kind of a price tag.
Unfortunately I don’t spend much time watching Serie B, I have yet to see young Savio play, and therefore I have no opinion, so I can only hope that Nani and Zola are really good at predicting the future of a player and giving them the best possible nurturing.

The signing of a world renowned prodigy would send a powerful signal to everyone doubting the aim and plans for the Club. That signal is aimed not only at us fans or even potential buyers, it’s a signal to players, current and future, that this is a club with a vision and this is the place to be if you want to be part of something special.
Zola’s (and do I have to include Duxbury here?) aim is not just to make this team survive in the PL.
I have been more than worried that our financial position would force us to endure another few years of relying on our academy to produce players that will turn us into a team not worried by relegation but aiming for a European spot. If this comes through, and the kid is as good as we all hope he is, the European aim can prove more realistic and the wait shortened.

What kind of expectations do you have on this kind of player? Most every other player bought for that kind of money would be expected not only to go straight into the starting XI but also to dominate that position. I may be naïve but I am not worried that Zola will feel the need to play him. But how much patience will the fans have and how will it affect a young boy to have these expectations placed on his shoulders?

I’m getting a bit carried away here, we may still miss out on Savio even though I’m pretty sure that the Club is doing what they can to bring him in.
Good luck to all involved, not least the young boy.

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Hakan said...

In my immediate vicinity I can think of four teenagers that cost more than £10m: Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson and Nani. Two of them settled quickly, one hasn't settled yet and one scored a hat-trick on his debut. Let's hope Savio quickly becomes your Rooney or Ronaldo. But I think you put too much weight on his shoulders if you expect him to take you into Europe.