Radoslav is in London!

We all had nightmares about this January! We all thought the worst! Trap did as well. And all the media "experts" ranked West Ham as one of the really strong CC-candidates. Just gloom!
Besides that this month has seen us to win all our games, and 13 points in our last 5, we have - besides "loosing" Bellamy - we've seem to even have strenghten our team!
 You have to ask Dux why this has been a possibility. I don't know - For now I am just happy. 
We have not only showed that West Ham believes in the future by taking Savio Nsereko to town, the board has also reacted very fast to losing Mullins. Just three days after he moved, our new defensive midfielder is in town. And if Mullins was mainly a bench-warmer, this guy is not! The Czech Radoslav Kovac is a relly talented, international player. Hard like Repka, but more talented with the ball! So very, very Welcome!

With Kovac (who start as a loan player) we do all of a sudden have three Czech players in the team!

And once again, how impressive isn't Zola/Nani/Clarke once more! Guess Ludek can have been involved in this too! I have always thought that we needs a creative midfielder, but guess Clarke saw that our defense will grow stronger with a player like Kovac in front of them. I wouldn't like to be a central midfielder in the opposite team when Parker/Kovac is together on the field.


Hakan said...

Towards the end of the post Kovac seems to have changed his name to Klose. The latter would certainly also be an interesting addition to the squad, if only as a back-up to Carlton Cole:)

RapidHammer said...

Thought the same about Miroslav - we could not guarantee him first team football, could we?

Prince H said...

Sorry guys, it was a bit late I guess. Or it may have been my subconscious who dreamt for it's own... I'll fix it right now. The post, not my brain...