To Dux, Nani, Zola and whom it may concern!

I don't know why this take so long, why You don't hurry??
What I do know though, is that it takes long enough to make the paper's speculate. A lot. And becuase of that it makes me shiver enough to become a nervous wreck.

And no... it's not about selling the club this time. Or who to buy it. It's not even have to do with the Tevez- bizznizz.
It has to do with the player that may have been our most consistent player this season so far, it has to do with the player that was voted "player of the month" in October, and it has to do with a player that has improved all the time. And it has to do with the player who don't invite offers for himself, but instead clearly stated that he loves to be a part of claret & blue. That he want's to have that contract and play for us. 

But a player with no clear contract that plays well, or more than well, will one day or another find that he may have the possibility to earn much more money in another town, or even get a contract with a club that may do him to an even bigger star. This player may be "tapped up", find a Champion league side that his agent "feel is better for him" or at least make him feel a bit uncomfortable out there on a windy training ground.
So please why wait? Why not settle it straight away? Please do give Herita Ilunga the contract NOW!
If you want to, You can see it as an order!
EDIT: Go to Herita's blog HERE and tell him we want him to stay!

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Joppe - said...

If we are not able to hold on to this player dispite an option to sign him someone has to look into the writing of that option to make sure this kind of slip up is ever repeated. IF this is true I'll be sick to my stomach!

Still possible that the media or even Ilungas agent are making something out of nothing.