Cole (and a little help from our friends) is enough!

Bellamy's stupid behaviour was not able to rock our boat. Not even Konchesky's wonderful goal - out of nowhere - could rock the team, we fought back to control the game totally. This was a team win. If we want to hail one today it must be Carlton Cole. His second half was one of his best ever in our shirt. He won all balls, he won a penalty (our first in a year!), had some beautiful shots and as the glazing of the cake he did score for his fifth game in a row!!

Green 7. Not much to do. And not much to do when Konchesky shot! Albeit that, I'd give him a good mark, I mean it was his birthday! Congratulations.
Neill 7.5. A good game. Not much to do in defense, which he soon discovered and conducted the team well goin forward and calmed down the game when needed to. Not perfect, but better than lately.
Collins 7. Nowadays he goes out from the box much more often and tries to win the ball before it reaches his opponent. That's good and he did it well. The only time I saw him miss that - which of course can be costly - Upson was there in a fraction of a second.
Upson 7.5  From the telly it looked like a calm day for him. Challenged Johnson a couple of times, but it looked like it was most because Capello was in the stands.
Ilunga 7.5 Besides a stupid corner (well, a bit unlcuky there) he was very active and the team builds once again much of the start of their/our attacks from him. Good game. I'd love to see him with Dyer out there...
Behrami 7. Once again an important participation from the Swiss rabbit. Won a lot of free balls and fought hard in 94 minutes. Lost some, won some. Good game, but I hope he can develop his passes to our forwards.
Noble 7.5. Run ragged and was the heart of our team. Do not always choose the right option, but as soon he realises he have made a mistake, he comes back. Good, calm penalty. His second goal this year.
Parker 7.5. I could say the same words for Parker. Fought as always, hard as a  rock as always, but did not always find the passes. On the other hand, when we were in front, he knew exactly what do do!
Collison 7 - Some neat touches, seemed sometimes in no-man's land. I've seen him better, but anyway, we need one of these youngsters to move forward and challenge. He did exactly that.
Di Michele 7 - Despite a good goal (after Pantsil had a total mental meltdown) and good running, and a beautiful pass to Cole's goal he still has a lot to learn in the English game, not at least to find where his teammates are on the field. As a goalscorer he shall shoot a lot, and as we saw when he scored in an offside-position, he can handle the ball very, very well. On the other hand he can also – which we also saw – shoot a shot which ends in a throw-in for Fulham. Anyway, I'm pleased the way he replaced Bellamy today. It's not easy, but he did it very well.
Carlton Cole 8 - His first 45 was quite quiet. The second was second to none. As I've stated in the introduction. And I want to say it once more; those who still don't rate this guy must be - excuse me - without any know-how bout football. This was his game, he won all our balls, he won the penalty totally by himself and then scored. Five games in a row with a goal now! (Can't even remember who did that in our shirt last time? But well, I know it's a long way to van Nistleroy's record with ten games - but what the hell, this is Cole!) 
I was very much in doubt if he would manage to fight with the hard nut Haageland. Well, he could, and he came out on top! Great!
Noone had made three on Fulham this season, some where their own fault (thanks to our old friends Pantsil and Konchesky). But also: a lot of credit to Cole for this!

Subs: Faubert, Mullins, Dyer (!!- a few minutes!) did not affect the game and played not much. 

And once again: All my honour to Zola and Clarke. Once more.

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