One point is better than none...

Guess we should be pleased with one point. We keep the distance to Newcastle right under us. But: We could have won, in many parts of the game we were the better side, played football like we've never done anything else, and had our opportunities. On the other hand Newcastle had Jonas. He must have driven Lucas Neill and Behrami absolutley mad. He owned our right hand field like it was his own pocket. And none of our players who tried to take him on had anything to offer. On the other hand we had two hard fighting attackers, a game plan and Ilunga who was awesome. 
One point is at least better than none.... Fulham next.

Green 6 - If he had been a bit luckier he could have saved the first and left the goalline for the second to fight together with Upson. But the goals was not his fault in any way, just not an astonishing good today.
Neill 4 - Sorry to say: Worst player on the field. Jonas is not easy to deal with, but our capatin came wrong in most situations. Was lucky that his disastrous own goal didn't count. 
Collins 6 - Slipped at their first goal, when Owen scored, and had some doubtful minutes after that. But grew during the game and made a couple of important blocks. Had to try to save Neills ass a couple of times, with different results. So, none of his better games, but more than decent.
Upson 7 - Beautiful block on Gutierrez late on. Can't blame him for Carrol's goal. He had two guys on his own and took the wrong one out. Still: Want more.
Ilunga 8 - Impressive: Very good defensive display, nice goin forward as well. Calm and cool. Set up our second goal. My man of the match (in our team).
Valon Behrami 5.5 - Fought as hard as ever, but wasted to many balls. Gave away a couple of stupid freekicks, and did not manage to help Neill a lot with Jonas.
Mark Noble 7 - He really wants our team to win games, and you could see that today. Gave away to many balls, missed a great opportunity (free with Given) but was involved in a lot of good sequences as well.
Scott Parker 7.5 - Important impact. Set up Bellamy for our first goal. Terrific in the middle of the park.
Jack Collison 6 - Drifted in and out of the game. His impact may not have been great, but quite solid. A favourite that may have to do better to hold his place.
Carlton Cole 7.5 - Used his strength superbly and scored a beautiful goal for the fourth time in a row! One of our most important players nowadays. Have proved all his backbiters what he can. Those who still don't appreciate him do not know what they are talking about.
Bellamy 7.5 - This man can run! Good goal taken, his energy and his anger is essential for our play nowadays. Please stay!

Subs: Neither Boa Morte, Mullins or Di Michele had any real impact when they all came on late.


Dicks said...

I agree about all the player ratings except for Collins. I thought Neill was the worst and that a 4 might reflect his game well. I think Behrami and Collins is only slightly ahead of him and a 5 would be sufficient. Our right hand side was really suffering today from Collins to Neill to Behrami. I hope it´ll be better next time around... :-)

Hakan said...

Maybe I'm one of those who "do not know what they are talking about", but I really don't understand how you can rate Cole on level with Parker and Bellamy. He took his goal superbly, but apart from that Parker and Bellamy (as usual) looked a class above him. I think there's a reason why several clubs want to sign Parker and Bellamy while there is no long queue to sign Cole.

Prince H said...

Hakan: I'm tired of discussing this, cause I after what I hear and read all the time I've eventually started to "hate" Cole haters (Well, I don't know if you're one of'em). Give the guy credit for what he does! But OK. Cole is no Bellamy, he can't run 50 yards on five seconds, but Bellamy can't fight the hard CB:s either. They have different roles, and Cole's role is very important for the team, and he does it - not all the times, but like yesterday - very well. Lately he has moved his body much more into the box, guess with Zola's training in his mind and therefore he has scored four goals in four games. The goal against Newcastle was lovely taken, not only I think so, people on the net says it reminded them of young Drogba (no comparisons beside). The Newcastle coach praised them in the same breath yesterday, and I think it is fair to do the same. Parker was good, and had a lovely flick for Bellamy at our first goal, but won├Ąt rate him higher yesterday.

Hakan said...

Sorry, Prince H. I wasn't aware that you felt so strongly about this topic. I won't argue my case any further, except to say that I'm no "Cole-hater". He's OK, but...

Prince H said...