Zola to strengthen the defence?

According to some reports GZ is interested in Bochum's centre half Antar Yahia. Now that's a type of rumour I was hoping not to see.

Maybe I'm irrational here since I know absolutely zilch about Yahia, but that is also what worries me.
Either the "new" scouting network is showing unknown abilities in finding someone that others have missed or something is wrong.
And why would we need a center half? We have Tomkins back in the squad for cover so even if Davenport leaves we wouldn’t have a problem.

The only two reasons for an interest in a center half, that I can think of, are that he is an absolute steal and has huge potential and the manager does not want to miss out on this gem (less likely), or that someone in the defense is leaving.

If Yahia was a good option for the right sided fullback position it would be less of a puzzle… But then the most likely scenario remains - this is yet another agent/journo driven load of ****

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