Salamon - fresh from the Garda lake?

According to some more or less reliable internet sources we are now having another Polish 17-year old player on trial. Bartosz Salamon has already established himself in the first team of Brescia. Nani's old team.  Salamon is originally from Lech Poznan and "a hell of a player" if we can trust everyone out there.
If this is true (which at the same time you can doubt - why would Brescia let one of their first team player's trial for another club now??), we are once again makin one for the future. So our team in 2012 will probably win the Olympics. 
No, but I guess this shows that West Ham have a plan, longer lasting then this January. Hopefully and eventually "the new owners" will let Nani/Zola and the other's continue to build on this.


Joppe - said...

This is great news, even though Nani's world seems a bit smaller than we were led to believe.

This will not solve any present problems (as people mixing apples with pears no doubt will tell us) but is not intended to.

I can only emphasize what Prince H says: there is a plan!

Hakan said...

I have a sneaking feeling that both Prince H and Joppe might just slightly exaggerate the importance of giving a trial to a 17-year-old to the long-term well-being (or even survival) of the club. I like the headline though.