Yes. As fans of a cash-strapped football club we really got to keep our calm. We know that there are more silly rumours planted by the press than fake boobs on Page 3.
But couldn't help my stomach to hurt anyway: The last one I read about did really upset me. Please let it be untrue: Nicolas Bendtner from Arsenal to West Ham? That's a player I don't rate highly. And for that young but lazy guy we would let Matthew Upson leave! Nooooo way!

I know that CB:s are one thing we really have, but I'd rather see us sell some other stars... wouldn't like to see the back of Bellamy or Parker either, but rather them. 
And certainly not Bendtner in a swap-deal. Can't see him change things at Upton Park. Cole do deliver now and he has, as well as Sears new five-year-contracts. If we DO loose Bellamy, Bendtner will not be an answer.

So: No thanks!

By the way; I've heard that Upson has a virus and can't move at all!

JUST WHEN I WRITE this there is a new rumour; that Scott Parker has agreed personal terms with Man City. It will be the rich club's second signing after Wayne Bridge from Chelsea. So, if so, Man City seems to stick with England players after all. Or at least to begin with. Loosing Parker is/would be a big loss for us, however it would be one I could bear. 
Parker is steel, when helping the defence and the best we got in that position. Yes, one of the best in all England. And he has been one of our main men this season. Still I have always wondered if he ever will be able to deliver anything offensively. If Parker leaves, it will give more freedom to Noble, we do have Mullins (who was Captain last night!), maybe not good enough... but still, toghether with ever-running Behrami they can work it out. And Collison and Dyer can be the offensive midfielders. There is also a rumour that Michael Johnson will be part of the deal. Maybe and probably too good to be a true rumour. A young (21 in February) promising player, also always running,  which would be perfect for the future. And Zola I guess. If so, I wouldn't mind this sale so much.... But not for any less than 12 M!

Edit: West Ham has today made it clear: Parker is not for sale. I'd say it's a good sign from the club, to deny that we are in the middle of a crise and will sell our stars. Let's see what it's worth in the end of the month. I'm happy to see Parker in our team for as long as Zola wants him to be. He will be one of our most important players as long as show the right attitude (At the same time, I was a littlte bit tempted by a deal that involved young Johnson....

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Hakan said...

I like Parker a lot, but if Michael Johnson is part of the deal it could be a masterstroke by Zola.