Will we pass the test?

"I have some players I consider very important for the club. We want to keep those players and Bellamy is one of them."
Those are Zola’s words.

It wasn’t too long ago he publicly stated that he would walk out if players were sold that he considered vital to his team.
This may be something one says as a threat but not really mean, like the mother that says to her kids “If you don’t hurry up I’ll leave without you”, but it could also be the words of a man of principle.
Principles will always be tested and now is the time when we will see if Zola is true to his.
Will he pass this test?

However (there is always a “however” isn’t there?), this does not mean that a sale of Bellamy, even to the spuds (although that is pushing it a bit) is always bad thing. It will obviously depend on the price tag, but also if there is an adequate replacement lined up.

As a fan of West Ham one is always afraid that the worst will come true, and our test is if we can wait until the appropriate time to give our judgment of the Clubs doings.
Will we pass that test?

I for one want to wait until February 3rd to evaluate the clubs behavior during the transfer window.
Will I pass?


Carter said...

Hi Joppe, thanks for your comment to my Fanzine Fanzone post.
Nice blog.
About Bellamy: we face a bigger problem if we sell him: Zola has stated he doesn't want to sell him. If Bellamy goes, Zola must either leave or lose some of his authority.
You have to factor more than just money into the price of the deal.

Joppe - said...

Yes that part was a bit hazy in the post but was intended to be covered by the morale of it (if there is one).
If we, at the end of the transfer window, can see that by his acts Zola has improved the possition of the Club his authority will only be slightly affected.

Thats why I choose to wait and see.
To go all out in disgust now may make us look a bit foolish.

(on the other hand it may present a "what did I tell you" opportunity, but I'll pass on that one...)

Prince H said...

Of course I like your post, but have Zola ever put his words just like you state it? "That he would walk if players were sold..." Can't remember that he actually put it that way. Please, let me know where I can find it.
I think he has described in a less harsh way, like the kind of gentleman he always seems to be. But I may be wrong, it seems that I just remember everything in dreams of rose....

Joppe - said...

OK not in those exact words but as you see there are no citation marks.
According to all kinds of sources on dec 14 last year:

"When I agreed to come here as manager it was because of the project of developing the players we have got, bringing on the younger ones and keeping them to reach a point when we could compete with the big clubs."

"That was the project, but a lot of things have happened on and off the pitch. We need time but the club must speak to me if they need to change their strategy."

“And if they tell me they need to change their strategy I would have to think about my future because the scenario would have changed.”

Prince H said...

Well, that's pretty far from walking out if one player is being sold, isnt it? Selling one player, if Zola agrees to it, which he will do if Bellamy actually doesn't want to stay, is not the same I would say...

Anyway, like I say in my post above we'd better get used to the thought hat we have to live without the Welsh guy....

Joppe - said...

Well we may disagree on this , if that is not a threat to leave I don't know what is.